„Képköznapok 2008” – „Alldaypics 2008”

Itt´s been, it was, it´ll be…
29th June – 5th July 2008

The fifth one-week-film-camp organized by Control Studio (Pécs/Hungary) starts again! Get more information about the camp at:

Films made during Képköznapok
Képköznapok photo-album

How You can participate:
To be there You only have to have a crew of max. 5 persons, to write a synopsis of Your short film, to fill in our application form and to send them to the e-mail rendzsaw@gmail.com. The participating crews´ll be choosen by the team of the organizator Control Studio on the ground of the quality and realization potentials of Your idea.

  • All films can have a length of max. 15 minutes.
  • You have 5 days to get your film ready for the film-show.
  • There aren´t any restrictions of genre or theme.
  • All films will be assessed and the best ones honoured by a jury of practising film-maker/critics.

Take Your chance on Super8!
This is the first time, that we make You a special offer: You can shoot your film on super8. Do You feel like to it? In that case we give You a technical and personal support.
If You are interested in it, please, read this blog:

More information:
Péter Arató
Telephon: 20/349-75-17
E-mail: apepee@freemail.hu

There You can find more info to the location: www.dunaszekcso.hu

Participating fee
On payment of a small fee of 20.000 HUF/person (75 EUR) You get a nice accomodation with a warm menu one times a day and last but not at least interesting evening-events with concerts, film-shows, excursions, etc. during the camp.

Last day for sending Your application to us: the 1st of May 2008

More information:
Renátó Csátich Renátó – Studio Control Filmegyesület
Telephon: +36 20/349-7531
E-mail: rendzsaw@gmail.com

We´re looking forward to have a good „Alldaypics-time” together!