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Képköznapok 2010 Dunaszekcső
creative camp of filmmaking
reel as it is, always has been, and as it always will be…
26 June – 3 July

Control Studio Film Associaton and the Foundation for Dunaszekcső are organising their summer creative camp of filmmaking, Képköznapok, for the seventh time. Our aim is to support amateur and independent filmmaking mainly. All films created in the camp will be evaluated by a professional board and we will also grant further forums where the works get to be presented.


Method and conditions of participation

If you also whish to participate in the camp all you got to do is form a filmmaker crew of your own, write down the synopsis of the film you want to create, fill in the registration form and send them both to the following e-mail address:
• The film to be created cannot be longer than a maximum of 15 minutes
• For the shooting and post-productions you will have 4 days altogether
• There are no restrictions concerning the genre or the topic
• You will have to use a piece of music for the film composed by Kristóf Weber, music composer from Pécs Download
• The conditions of using the music will be told by the composer himself in the video below (1. Use the music... 2. It should stay recognisable... 3. You can edit it... 4. You can enhance the audio track... 5. You can slow it down... you can speed it up...)

Super 8 possibility
We also guarantee the possibility to have one super 8 film made this year as well, for which we provide equipment and professional help. Further information: Péter Arató, E-mail:, +36-20-349-7517

We are only able to host a maximum of 40-50 people in the camp. In case the number of our applicants is more, we will be selecting based on the sent synopses.

Participation fee: 20000 Ft/person, which includes accommodation and a meal daily.

Application Deadline: 31 May

tel.: +3620-349-7541

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